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    I was recently looking at some BB10 devices, and was wondering... say your phone gets stolen, and you have sensitive information on your phone and your SD card. Is their a way to wipe the phone if it gets stolen, and if so does wiping it also wipe the SD card, as sensitive information can also be on the SD card.
    09-22-14 10:33 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    It's called BlackBerry Protect and comes baked into the OS.

    Allows you to wipe both SD and internal memory, lock the device with a password, display a message ("REWARD: $500 if returned!" would be my call ), locate the phone on a map... Provided the phone is still getting data.

    You can encrypt the SD card so all info on it can only be accessed with the device unlocked (but risk is you may lose all of the SD's content should you have to wipe the device).

    What I do is this:
    • Strong password;
    • Encrypt internal memory;
    • Keep sensitive data on two way, end-to-end encrypted cloud

    If the phone is lost and the system breached, by then I'll have changed all passwords from my laptop. Two way verifycation will prevent further logins to any account.
    09-22-14 11:31 PM
  3. Ed Gar's Avatar
    Enable Media Card Encryption. Even if your device is stolen, your media card can't be read on other PCs/devices.

    Enable BlackBerry Protect.
    You can remotely wipe your phone, or know it's current location (if wireless and location services are on).

    Enable Device Password.
    Set the auto lock interval to 5 mins or less. If you phone is locked, it will be wiped after several wrong pw attempts.
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    09-22-14 11:34 PM
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    09-23-14 11:47 AM
  5. diegonei's Avatar
    Just keep in mind that if anything happens to the OS install, you lose your SD's content.

    Update using a leak/autoloader, lose SD. Switch devices and don't use device switch, lose SD.

    Posted via CB10
    09-30-14 01:03 AM

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