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    so gf last night had taken a picture and when she went to look at it it showed as a cracked image. Didn't think much of it at first. On a Z30. It saves to the SD card and encryption setting was off. Later by 1-2 hour went into pictures and how all the pictures are. Reset the phone and they are gone and document as well. But still have the majority of music on it.

    After the reset accessing on the phone it said card had been encrypted by another device.

    On the desktop shows folders with nothing in them except the music folder. The weird thing is if I select all and go to properties it says the size is approx 2 GB, but if I select the drive in windows and click properties it's approx 7GB it says is in use.

    Anyone know what happened?
    Ideas for recovery?

    Thought about getting or going somewhere to do a memory recovery done for if they were erased. But also worried they were encrypted remotely. Is that possible?

    only new apps in the last month are Wish and two isagenex company apps. All android. Wish is shopping and other are nutritional supplements ordering info etc.

    Hope that's enough info for some help in figuring out what happened.

    Been awhile since backup and why I'm asking. Did a quick search here and online and didn't find anything that matched.

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    01-29-15 02:27 PM
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    Never heard of the card being wiped by anyone other than the owner of the phone. Did you put the card on your PC? what do you see? Copy everything from your card onto your PC and then see if you can access the pictures. Then later you can format the card (it will erase everything) and put your info back.
    01-29-15 02:34 PM
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    Doesn't show the pictures. But something by the computer is taking up 5GB of space on the card that isn't visible on the computer.

    Encrypted files still show up in windows explore?

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    01-29-15 03:12 PM