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    Hi, I'm just about to purchase a 2nd hand passport from eBay, the seller has listed it with a cracked screen, but that's fine I've picked it up cheap-just over £60,any one know how much a new screen replacement might cost or even better has anyone replaced there own and how difficult is it?
    Thanks for any advice..
    01-19-19 04:24 AM
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    I replaced my screen last week. I found out that there is no step by step guide available so I had to figure it out by myself.

    There are teardown videos but they don't tell you how to replace the screen. Watch those videos closely though. Understand the steps.

    To replace the screen, you will need a suction cup to pull the screen off its backing. I loosened the screen with the suction cup before I started the disassembly process. Be careful though, the screen is attached to a ribbon connector. The ribbon connector passes through the base to which the screen is attached and is actually connected to the back of the base. You may or may not need to replace the adhesive around the screen. I bought 3M double side tape that is pre cut into a very thin roll. I replaced the adhesive but I don't think it was necessary. I think the adhesive would have held the new screen just fine.

    Removing the battery is the most difficult part of the process. Use a credit card or other thin plastic implement to gently pry off the battery. Be careful not to damage it because it seems impossible to find a replacement battery.

    Be mindful at all times of where the screws go - there are different kinds. Also, be very careful with the ribbon connectors that attach to the motherboard.

    It seems difficult but having done one, it really is straightforward. It would take me around 15 minutes to do another.

    Posted via CB10
    01-19-19 04:54 AM
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    Thanks Mr wolf.. 😊
    01-19-19 05:18 AM

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