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    So I accidentally ran over my trusty Blackberry 9900 the other day (yes, with a car... had it sitting on my lap when I got out) and the screen is now thoroughly trashed. The phone still works, I still get calls and when I connect it to the computer I get the "bloop" USB device connection sound (and it charges), but it seems like the trackpad and most of the keys aren't working.

    Normally, when I connect this phone to the computer I get the prompt for "USB Drive / Sync / Charge Only" and if none are selected, it goes into "Charge Only" mode. If I'm not mistaken, it has to be in "USB Drive" mode to be accessible via the PC, so I'm getting nothing in either Windows Explorer or BB Desktop Software. Is there any way to force it to connect without doing anything on the phone? I also have a 2GB SD card in the phone, Sync is not turned on by default and neither is Bluetooth. Not sure if any of that matters at all, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

    Blackberry Desktop Software Version
    Bold 9900 Software version 7.1 Bundle 2435
    HP laptop running Windows 7 Professional SP1

    Also, I'm thinking that I'll replace this phone with a PRIV. Will I be able to transfer my backups over to it using the Desktop Manager software? I understand the SIM card won't swap over either... my mobile provider is AT&T, will they be able to copy mine over to the new style?
    08-27-16 07:37 PM
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    Blackberry uses device switch app or content transfer to move your data to you new device , but neither one of those will help you if you are unable to download the app to both devices .

    Blackberry content transfer app will move your data from you BB OS 7 device to your shiny new priv but you are gunna have to get those keys and track pad working How to transfer data from a previous device to a BlackBerry Smartphone Powered by Android using BlackBerry Content Transfer
    09-06-16 11:41 PM

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