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    Hello Rogers Subscribers!

    Just a heads up to anyone using the Rogers SureTap Mobile Payment app on their BlackBerry Z10/Z30 device that the application may no longer register top-up cards or recognized saved cards once migrating to OS 10.3

    Also, don't bother calling Rogers about it or expect a resolution anytime soon. They didn't even know what a BlackBerry was (and they sell the phones too)! My lovely conversation with the department head:

    ROGERS: "What kind of phone are you using?"
    ME: "A BlackBerry."

    ROGERS: "Model?"
    ME: "BlackBerry Z30."

    ROGERS: "What's a Z30?"
    ME: "The BlackBerry Model Number."

    ROGERS: "Okay. What Operating System is it using?"
    ME: "BlackBerry OS 10.3"

    ROGERS: "Is that Android?"
    ME: "No, it's just BlackBerry... their own Operating System"

    ROGERS: "Oh... I didn't know BlackBerry had their own operating system!"
    From a stranger on the street? They could be forgiven. From a software department at a wireless provider that caters to only four devices: two Android Devices and two BlackBerry devices... I call that a failure!
    08-29-14 12:17 PM
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    Whoops! I posted this under the wrong forum category!
    Tried to post it under some miscellaneous thread category.
    08-29-14 12:21 PM

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