1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Excuse after excuse promise dates when it will be available that never happen. Always claim out of stock or back ordered, even my dealer is fed up. Sure seems like they want to push another brand.
    06-29-17 02:52 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Are you referring to online, or in-store?

    Just this past weekend, another Mod and I breezed through a Rogers Store that had the KEYone on display, had stock available, and willing to sell outright (off contract).

    Stock and demand will vary from location to location. Perhaps you've just been unlucky?
    06-29-17 03:29 PM
  3. mad_mdx's Avatar
    That's because they probably do want to push another brand. If they don't have stock they could easily order it??
    06-29-17 03:38 PM

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