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    A client moved on to a Samsung Galaxy from a BB Z30 a year ago. Old Z30 is gone. His company needs text messages from over a year ago. They sent him an old surplus Z30 (non-activated) complete with sim card, to do a restore onto.

    I set it up on my laptop with BB Link, and did a restore. BlackBerry support recommended first doing a restore with no sim card, which I did. Looks like about half the text messages are there. Many are missing. For example, when I look for my own texts to him, they are not there.

    Per instructions from BlackBerry, they said put in the sim card, and do the restore again. Same result. Most days have one to 5 texts, and he said he typically did probably 6-12 per day on average.

    Anyone ever heard of this? Is it possible his old Z30 stored some messages in an area that didn't get backed up by Link?

    I've tried various software online that purports to view .bbb files, but they simply don't work. Some give everything but there is no mention of texts at all.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    10-19-17 10:01 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I have seen many other reported issues with not all text messages being restored, which is why even when LINK works, I don't suggest using it for Backup purposes. Too be honest I've seen all kinds of issues with LINK and doing a restore on to a different device or the same device with a different OS Version.

    Maybe if you can make sure you are matching up the same OS version as his past phone (if he knows)???
    Have you tried a limited restore???
    Have you tried the device switch option in place of a restore???
    10-19-17 10:36 AM

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