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    I'm a bb10 user that like to keep certain apps open throughout the day because active frames looks great, functions well, and helps overcome the hardware speed limitations of my z10. For example, opening the calendar app from a cold boot and closing it will throw some data to RAM for quicker access later on, unfortunately not all apps do the same.

    But 2GB of RAM with a certain combination of apps open proves to be limited because one or two apps that are open within the 8 apps limit will be closed out to avoid maxing out the 2GB ceiling. Or there will be a significant pause when trying to multitask and switch between apps.

    So barring a battery swap that I do once a day, what other system apps besides the HUB can I perform a reset on without having to reset the whole device? (RAM savings are about 40-50% of what the HUB uses)

    Reset-able System Apps? (besides HUB)-img_20150601_125516.png
    Reset-able System Apps? (besides HUB)-img_20150601_125900.png

    I have Assistant open, a bookmark browser app open, a Twitter client, an RSS client open, CB10 open, Device Monitor open, and streaming iHeartRadio. And having about 400MB free is just over the cushion needed to avoid apps being closed out. **if the app allows it, opt to open links in the external native browser so as to keep RAM usage minimal**

    The top three RAM consuming apps: System, PIM Services, and Android Player all start off about 10-15% lower from a cold boot and will buildup consumption throughout the day.

    I know that I could just upgrade to a Passport but I'm not doing that any time soon and I'm trying to get the most out of my Z10STL100-3/


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    If you download and install Awesome Launcher from blackberry world, you can kill the android runtime (restart it).
    Launch awesome launcher, reload the list of apps, jump into Dev Tools, choose Bad behavior, then Crash System Server. It'll start back up within a few minutes and hopefully consumes less RAM.

    Also, close out applications you don't need by going through what you can in Device Monitor, or consider configuring any apps (that you can) to not start in the background.
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    i've got all additional apps mostly tamed except for two android ones that keep re-opening despite changing the settings in app and restricting minimized and background actions in application permissions, and thanks for the BBW suggestion
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    with the official 10.3.2 update there's a new Android Media Apps in addition to Android Player and so far the Player goes only as high as 20.5MB and the Android Media Apps stays at 1.3MB; also now the System stays in the 250MB range.

    I've yet to reinsert the SIM but so far RAM usage is more reasonable with this update with no more apps closing out and even better, I can now listen to podcasts (from an Android app) and max out use of the phone without the crippling device and audio pauses
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