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    I have a Blackberry torch 9800 (Black) when it was first out. I have used this since and had no urge to get a new different model.

    I had bought a relatively new Torch 9800 (White) and had it stored until i needed it.

    I have swapped the sim from my old torch to the new and swapped everything over. my BBid is saved, my facebook etc all works including text and calls but when it asks me to set up my email account i keep getting the message "your device encountered a problem with this applications server" and that i should try again.

    I am not sure why it is doing this, I have since put the sim back in the older torch just so i can keep getting my emails.
    please can someone help, I am roughly getting about 3 hours on my old phones battery and need to replace.

    many thanks
    03-08-16 09:45 AM

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