1. jbbf's Avatar
    Hello, I bought my Keyone with qwertz keyboard and got installed from my local repair center (due to a problem) a new qwerty keyboard on my K1. They don't have Qwertz keyboards as i'm living now in Spain.
    I'm now unable to change while typing from qwertz to qwerty. Even if i enter on: settings / language-input and change there to qwerty (english), when i type the Y it stills writes Z (and typing z writes y).

    Anyone can help me out how to solve it?

    12-18-17 09:58 AM
  2. Halifax Guy's Avatar
    I would expect that the easiest (and possibly the only) way to solve this issue is to purchase a QWERTY Keyone device.

    Posted via IE
    12-18-17 10:54 AM

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