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    I just noticed several entries in the Remember app which seems to have been synched from an email account. Since I don't use Remember at all, I want to stop this synching. My guess is that the culprit is Outlook email. Checking the settings for the Outlook account I noticed that the toggle "Sync Email" is set to on. Is this the toggle I need to turn off to stop synching to Remember app? I thought this toggle was to sync the emails between the server and the device, not server and Remember!

    Posted via Z10
    08-02-14 09:53 PM
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    Emails that are flagged automatically show in Remember, where you can add a due date and reminder to them. Not all messages will show there. Also, these are not taking up additional space. Think of it as a separate, filtered view of your flagged messages. If you don't need to add a time/date reminder, just ignore them.
    08-03-14 10:58 AM
  3. KR2013's Avatar
    No, I don't need to add a reminder/date to them. I guess I can leave them alone, but they are cluttering the Remember page. Will there be any harm deleting them from Remember? I will not lose the original saved email in the corresponding account, will I? By the way, thanks for your help!

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    08-03-14 11:52 AM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    Hey, glad to help.

    A couple of options. You can simply create a folder and move them into it. Deleting within Remember can have different results depending on your OS version and email type. For instance, I use mainly ActiveSync accounts, am on I just tested. I sent myself a test message, flagged it so it appeared in Remember. Deleted it there. No problem, the message remains in my email, but is gone from Remember.

    I'd suggest you try it with a test message to be sure, but you shou should be OK.
    08-03-14 12:18 PM
  5. KR2013's Avatar
    Thanks. Yes, I just tried it. Looks like deleting the entry from Remember does not remove the email from the main server (Outlook in this case), which is good. But, one thing that is puzzling is I can't see why these emails are picked. You mentioned tagged. I don't even know how I can tag the Emails! They are just in my Sent folder.

    Anyway, I am on as well. These are the things that keep me from using Remember at all. I use SlickTask and Noted. At least I can understand what's going on in those. I can't even find a way to remove/delete all the Completed stuff in Remember. A complicated app that can't even do some simple things, if you ask me!

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    08-03-14 05:28 PM

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