1. thoughtfulreader's Avatar
    Is it possible to delete/remove the Amazon and Amazon Appstore apps in BlackBerry 10.3.2? I pressed and held down the icons for each app, but no trashcan/delete symbol appeared. Are they now officially baked into the BlackBerry software? Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    07-23-15 03:51 PM
  2. ProjectBrett's Avatar
    no you cant
    07-23-15 04:06 PM
  3. JAS0NB0URNE's Avatar
    Lol, like five of these threads in past few days. The post above me is correct - you cannot delete either. I suggest not signing in to the regular Amazon app and even stash it in a junk folder if you don't want to look at it.

    Posted with my  Classic
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    07-23-15 04:40 PM

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