1. kobnyc's Avatar
    Does anyone on here know how to properly use the Remember. Native App? I find it confusing and there is no 'help' or tutorial on it. Thanks!

    I <3 NY!
    06-24-15 09:10 AM
  2. jdesignz's Avatar
    On your device, open Help or Tutorial app and search for Remember

    Remember Native App Help-img_20150624_221533.png

    Pasaporte Pilipinas | SQW100-1/
    06-24-15 09:16 AM
  3. baarn's Avatar
    Or just swipe down from the top of the screen in Remember and tap Help.
    06-24-15 09:19 AM
  4. jafrul's Avatar
    Here you go.. all the info you need. Read thru...
    Best use of BlackBerry Remember - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com
    06-24-15 10:21 AM

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