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    Hi, anybody had success backing up the Remember App with MS Outlook in a PC? I want to have my memos and notes accessible on my computer as well. Same as calendar sync with outlook calendar. Pls help.

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    04-30-15 07:07 AM
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    Unless you're using an email that uses ActiveSync, there's not a lot of options. BlackBerry is supposed to be working on a new application that will allow for better syncing with Outlook, your notes would then likely show up as an extra notebook in Remember.

    Overall in terms of calendar, your options are as follows depending on your email type:

    POP: nothing, just because of how POP mail works

    IMAP: Calendar invites sent to you will show up on any device you have your mail attached to.

    EAS: Everything syncs.

    I just converted my business email to Office365 from an IMAP provider and I couldn't be happier. I gained a lot of additional features, and I also saved money.
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    04-30-15 10:07 AM
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    Wow, thanks for the prompt reply. I wasn't really expecting this change from Blackberry. Older Blackberry phones had that option of syncing memos. Though I prefer offline method, I'm now trying to settle with evernote just for the sake of moving my notes.

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    04-30-15 11:03 AM
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    I can understand Blackberry's rationale for removing the feature. In many ways some of the features of BIS were workarounds for the limitations of POP3 email. More and more people are moving away from POP providers and onto Exchange or Gmail or similar ones that offer much more than just email. This is also because people are using more than one device to access their email, even at home we may have our laptop, a spare computer, and even a tablet all pulling from the same account.

    You could also try using BlackBerry Link to configure a sync between your handset and the Outlook install on your computer. I had it set with my Q10 at one point, but since I was using IMAP for my email I was getting duplicate appointments and other annoyances.

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    05-03-15 06:19 PM

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