1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    I am here because I would like your recommendation for purchasing the phone.
    Prime features that I am interested about are battery life and keyboard (larger keys the better).

    Other thing that I want is to be able manually select network mode GSM/3G/LTE.

    At this moment I am using a simple phone just for phone, SMS, and listening music while I walk my dog.

    I will NOT use any application except for checking email, and I do that one time during the day. I start email app, see new mails and close app.

    I talk less than an hour per week, and do not send more than 20 SMS per week.
    Phone will be mostly on GSM network (not 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi)

    Can any of blackberry phones hold for a week with this kind of usage?
    If yes, Your thoughts Q10 Classic or Passport?

    Tank you in advance.
    06-21-15 02:13 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    No BlackBerry devices can last a week. As for either of the devices you mentioned, take the classic. The PP would be very much overkill for the sake of the PKB to cost ratio for what you are using it for. The Classic gives the PKB for half the cost.
    06-21-15 09:37 AM
  3. John Vieira's Avatar
    Q5. All day.

    Best value. Just as good as the others (well, debatably) and more than good enough for your planned usage.

    But no way it will last you a week.

    With lucky and very light usage, maybe 2 days.

    Work Wide and Prosper
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    06-21-15 09:50 AM
  4. jdesignz's Avatar
    I am interested about are battery life and keyboard (larger keys the better).

    Pasaporte Pilipinas | SQW100-1/
    06-21-15 09:54 AM
  5. Matty's Avatar
    Bassed on what you will be using the phone for,

    I would recommend the Blackberry Classic. (2,515mAh Battery)
    This will last you 4** days with your usage patterns.

    It also has a decent 8MP Camera in case you want to take a couple photos while walking the dog.

    *Checking E-mail once a Day
    *talk less than an hour per week
    06-21-15 11:21 AM
  6. vergiove's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    06-21-15 07:31 PM
  7. johnny_bravo72's Avatar

    Posted from an ME173X
    06-21-15 07:34 PM

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