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    Was texting in a group today (all people were known to me), when all of a sudden I received a new group text with the same people PLUS one more that I didn't know. That message was sent from the number I didn't know. They only sent an emoji. **correction to post** - the original group also received the weird message, but nobody in the original group knows the number.

    What do you guys make of this?

    It makes me think there is some kind of spyware or something on this device, or perhaps on the other people's phones. They're using IPhone.


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    10-24-17 11:58 AM
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    My guess is someone has installed a less than reputable app that was given access to their texting app and the message was their confirmation that they had succeeded in collecting all your phone numbers.

    I'd watch carefully for unsolicited spam by text message
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    10-24-17 10:59 PM

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