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    Hey I recently saw an update available for this game. But it doesn't says what is new in this. Does any one know anything about it??

    I guess the update is only to support New Passport.

    Please tell If got any info?
    Real Football 2013 For Blackberry 10-img_20141025_175550.png

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    Hi, I know this is an old thread. I downloaded this game on my Z30 and it works quite good. It recently became available on my Passport after updating to 10.3.1. Although it would seem the update you mention is to make it available for said device, I'm finding it is not very optimised. Sometimes it gets stuck in the menu screen and doesn't allow to pick the options.

    It's a fun game, so I'll try to reinstall it on my Passport and it's a permanent on my Z30 anyhow.

    P.S. It's a bit funny the way it looks due to the square screen compared to the Z30. I would rather have it shrunk a bit, but keeping the image in a 16:9 ratio.

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    03-25-15 11:52 PM
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    From reading the reviews on BlackBerry World, the change seems to be not only to have Passport support, but also to fix a glitch where the game got stuck at some point when choosing the manager or something like that.

    However, this glitch still exists when running the game on square screen devices (tried on it my Passport and this Q10, attaching pics). It happens after the first two "test" matches, when it instructs to do a stadium upgrade, the game gets stuck and no option ca be chosen anymore. I've tried several times to delete and re-download, but nothing worked (the game on the Z30 does not have this issue).

    I have however come up with two workarounds:

    If you have a full touch screen BlackBerry (Z10, Z30, etc.) you can download the game, advance after the two matches and then backup the game using BlackBerry Link. Afterwards, do a personalised restore on your square screen device (Passport, Q10, etc.) and load just the game. With this, you'll be able to play ahead and not encounter the bug I mentioned. (Note: I don't know what would happen if you reset the game as to start over).

    Another option (specially in case you don't have a full touch BlackBerry from where to get the backup) is to load the game from the Amazon App Store. Just be patient, sometimes it gets a bit laggy and might even crash. Let it download and load fully before hiding the Android bar or changing the aspect ratio. Again, be patient it's slower than the native version.

    BTW, in case you go for the first option, I recommend you change the viewing mode during the match, from close to far, as to have a less cramped view in the square screen device.

    Both workarounds have been tried with 10.3.1. I hope Gameloft fixes this issue soon...

    Real Football 2013 For Blackberry 10-img_20150429_140245.png
    Real Football 2013 For Blackberry 10-img_20150429_140232.jpg

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    The update is to get Falcao scoring goals again.

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    05-05-15 11:38 PM
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    Update - After trying out the Android version of this game from the Amazon App Store, I've uninstalled it. It's very laggy, sluggish, overheats the phone much more than the native game and I felt it kind of drained the battery. There are some great options on it and matches regularly run fine, but the problem is moving through the menus it's too slow and sometimes freezes. It also has Internet connection issues.

    For the time being, I'm sticking with the native version on my Passport restored as per option 1. Will probably do the same for the Q10, although the screen is so small, that it's only truly viable to play the game while plugged to a Smart TV with HDMI.

    I hope at some point Gameloft updates the version on BlackBerry World to fix the square screen issue and also adds all the options found on the Android version. I'll write them in hopes of getting some more insight...

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    05-08-15 10:01 AM

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