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    1. Does the Task app still integrate with the Calendar?
    2. In Calendar / events, does the list of reminders (as in reminding of an event coming up) include both a "2 week" option AND a custom option?
    (Note: The PRIV not only did not have a 2 week reminder but didn't add a custom field either. I use a BBZ30 right now, and I'm heartily tired of having to keep resetting reminders - such as 3 days then 2 days to get a 5 day reminder.)
    3. When there's an incoming phone call, does the display show the company name as well as the person's name?
    4. Is there connecting software that allows us to transfer photos, videos, files, etc. directly between phone and computer?
    5. Can I sync one email account with one computer and a second email with a different computer?

    If there are screenshots to answer some of these, that'd be much apprecated - and above and beyond.

    Text and/or photo, thanks so much!
    09-06-16 07:18 PM

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