1. Manuel Basurto's Avatar
    I recently lost my BBID. Since it was kinda difficult to get it back, I simply decided to get a new one and just rebuy the BBM Stickers I had in my PRIV via Playstore.
    I got a new ID and PIN, restore my free stickers but whenever I try to get the pay ones I can´t. It appears as if I already purchased them, but when I try to restore them an error occurs. If I try to buy new ones its ok, but simply can´t restore or rebuy the ones I had. In the PlayStore, they appear as bought. I would like to erase the purchase history or something that would allow me to rebuy them again. Has anyone experienced this? Or know how to solve it? Already contacted BB but still haven't received a response
    05-16-17 12:28 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I've seen a few post where people have had the issue of stickers show bought but will not allow a download. None of those had a solution.

    Maybe if you delete the BBM App and go in and remove any folder that might be housing BBM settings. Reboot and then start over?
    05-16-17 01:59 PM
  3. Manuel Basurto's Avatar
    UPDATE: Finally restored it. Blackberry did not help at all, they answered but never really told anything that could help me. My BBID and BBPin were different now, but my PlayStore buy history remained the same, so there was a conflict not allowing me to repurchase the stickers. To solve it, I created a new profile in my PRIV, with a new gmail account, PlayStore account and rebuy the stickers i wanted, then signed in BBM in my original account and restored the stickers and they were there! Solved. Problem is, you will have to rebuy all the stickers you want!
    05-23-17 02:47 PM

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