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    Hi all, the (from what I've read) not-uncommon Android problem of the phone going into "vibrate only" mode, totally at random, even when it's left untouched sitting on the desk, started on my Motion yesterday and is driving me bat**** crazy.

    I've checked the DTEK logs - zero access to "phone" by any applications. I removed "voiume sync" and "tasker" apps and rebooted, just in case, no difference.

    This seems to be coming from within the OS itself. Has anyone experienced this and found a cure? Running 7.1.2
    03-04-18 11:52 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Do you have meeting mode on with your Calendar events?

    Option + Sound + Do Not Disturb + Automatic Rules

    I think Event/Weekend/Weeknight are there by default and could be on or you may have set up something yourself.

    Let us know.
    03-05-18 01:21 PM
  3. plexus's Avatar
    Well, isn't THAT interesting?

    Here's the thing: I've only had the Motion for a few weeks, and about two weeks ago, loaded "Business Calendar" onto it as the original BB calendar app just wasn't anywhere near as good. The phone had been running flawlessly until just a couple of days ago.

    As I said, DTEK showed nothing accessing phone, but what I did notice was that if I opened Business Calendar and toggled the visibility of any of the calendars (there are six), it would trigger vibrate only mode with a couple of seconds. I found this to be repeatable without fail.

    So now I'm wondering what happened to Business Calendar to make it go screwy. There have been no updates to it and there have been no configuration changes. The problem would appear whether there were any events in any calendar or not.

    Then I called up the original BB calendar and found that meeting mode was on. There were no calendars imported, just local, which had no entries in it anyway. After I switched off meeting mode and rebooted, problem's gone!

    Now why meeting mode would be active with no entries in the original BB calendar, and why toggling the calendar display in Business Calendar would trigger it off, I have no idea.
    03-06-18 02:16 AM

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