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    My Blackberry Z10 just died - blue screen of death - service company says it can't be fixed. Red light comes on to show charging, then green light, then no lights, but the phone won't start. I tried stack charging the battery - didn't work. I have replaced the Z10 with a Blackberry DTEK50 because that's what the store had available and I needed to get a phone ASAP. Now I have some questions about recovering data:

    1. The Z10 had a memory card for additional storage. Given that the Z10 was a Blackberry OS and the DTEK50 is Android, is there any issue about being able to access and read the data from the memory card?

    2. I would like to recover the data from the Z10's SIM card. That card doesn't fit in the DTEK50 - the card is just a little bit larger. Can the card be cut to fit the DTEK50? I am aware that with even older phones it is possible to cut SIM cards for that purpose, but their SIM cards were even larger than the ones used in the Z10.

    3. I had some backups (probably not as recent as they should have been). In particular, I am hoping to recover data that had been stored in the Remember app. However, I am not seeing the Remember app in the DTEK50. Is that app still available, or is there some other mechanism for recovering its data into the DTEK50 from a backup?

    4. Is there any way to recover any data from the phone's main memory, even though its mainboard is apparently dead?

    5. The backups that I have were made using Blackberry Link or Blackberry Blend. I do not see these apps on the DTEK50. Is there a way to recover data from those backups?

    6. I see Z10's available to purchase on Amazon, e-Bay, etc. If I buy one of them, can I transfer the SIM card and memory card to the purchased Z10 and recover any data? Would I have to have an active phone account with a service provider in order to do that?

    Thanks for any help you can provide
    04-26-17 04:44 PM
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    I hope you didn't pay the service company for that advice. Unlike other phones, it's next to impossible to brick a Blackberry.

    You need to replace your battery.
    But, try this to confirm that
    I'm going to assume that just before it "died" you probably upgraded, downloaded or updated and didn't reboot you device.
    After installing most apps on your device, you have to reboot to complete the installation. you should reboot you device once a day, anyway.
    Now, With your device plugged into to a power source, hold down the ON/OFF Button until the red light appears (about 5-15 seconds) It should recycle and start up as usual.
    If that didn't work.. replace the battery.

    I know.... sounds too simple and it's usually the simple things that we overlook that do the trick.
    Oh and please..... don't cut your sim card to fit someplace else. In fact, don't cut or modify anything.
    Better yet, remove all sharp objects from reach!!( This one is my personal suggestion)
    04-26-17 09:49 PM
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    Just to answer some of your other questions...

    If the SD card was not encrypted, it should be readable on any other device. Even a PC, if it has the right slot.

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    04-27-17 12:25 AM
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    The repair service company did a free examination of the phone and claims to have checked the battery - obviously I have to take them at their word, or just take the chance on getting a new battery, which of course is not a huge investment beyond the time involved to receive and install it. There had been no prior sign of battery issues.

    I do not recall doing any upgrade or download on the Z10, but it may have done so automatically. There likely would not have been a cold re-boot. I had been using the phone all day. At about 9:00 pm as I was leaving a parking garage I tried to access the GPS and the phone died - the charge at the time should have been about 75% - there were several attempts to re-start the phone before the blue screen, all went part way through start-up and died again.
    04-27-17 03:17 PM
  5. 4dogwayne's Avatar
    The SD card was inserted into the DTEK50 and is readable but there is one directory identified as "LOSTDIRECTORY". So far, I have been able to access the data on it, but the DTEK50 doesn't have the "Remember" app and I don't know whether there is any way of recovering that data from a backup
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    04-27-17 03:23 PM
  6. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    If you do a hard Press on any file you get a "pop out" from the right side of the screen.
    "Properties" may give you an idea of what is in the files that you can't open.

    To answer #6 : I use my passport as my Daily Driver but I have my Z10 for backup. I can't say weather or not the sim will work in another Z10 unless it's unlocked (but I still use my Z10 connected through my Wi-Fi without a sim card and can access everything.

    Hey, it may not seem so to you now but we ARE actually making progress. Sometimes it takes weeding out what we DON'T need to do.
    I may have a few more ideas up my sleeve . While I'm looking for the sleeve that I left them in,
    this suggestion has worked so many times , I've lost count.
    Try cleaning the posts where the battery and device connect. After some time, build up from dust etc, can cause a connection problem.

    If you keep your device in your pocket and you have coins, if they come in contact with the Power Port,
    that CAN short out the motherboard.

    Hopefully we'll get some more suggestions from some others!
    Now, what did I do with that sleeve......
    04-28-17 07:18 PM
  7. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    There is an android "Remember" app in the Google Play Store (and it's also comparable with the Z10
    04-28-17 07:30 PM

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