1. bbnrs's Avatar
    1)Since upgrade to ATT O/S (software 10.2.2179) have gotten a reoccurring message about assigning a "speed dial setup, yes or no?).
    Called ATT Tech support advised to "general reset," prior have tried battery pull with no effect. General reset went slowly finally accomplished.
    Still got a message to assign a speed dial setup. Really don't need it but went ahead anyway and asigned it. Have no idea as to value to activate it.

    2)Have warm to HOT running at times. Reached 100F yesterday. Pulled battery allowing to cool down. There is no problem with a warm up time with the Q10 that seems to warm without to much excuse at times.

    3)Keyboard is becoming trouble some with hypersensitivity and difficulty with normal usage resulting in "KKkkkk," if you apply to much pressure.
    For some reason K is favored with along with other letters.

    So far I can handle 1 and 3 but a feverish Q10 is pushing things. Have tried changing batteries and chargers.
    This unit was received in late July/August 2013.
    I like BB but wonder if it likes me?

    Would appreciate your input. Thank you.
    06-28-14 01:13 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Overheating phones means something that shouldn't be running is running. I would advise reloading an OS using an autoloader and setting up your phone again. Better to NOT restore any backup either. That was the only thing that kept my phone from burning my hand.
    06-28-14 03:12 PM

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