1. helalzone's Avatar
    Do I need screen protector for Passport or its glass screen is scratch proof?

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 10:48 AM
  2. ubizmo's Avatar
    Do I need screen protector for Passport or its glass screen is scratch proof?

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    No mobile phone screen is scratch-proof, as far as I know. If you're concerned about scratches, you need a screen protector.
    10-21-14 11:51 AM
  3. helalzone's Avatar
    Thr should be a proper answer, sorry but not being rude, be appropriate in replying, the question is thrown once again, though this time for the Passport holder, " is the screen of BlackBerry Passport scratch proof "?

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 12:43 PM
  4. SeanSolo's Avatar
    I never use them. Film gets all bent up eventually. Plus if you drop any phone its going to crack.

    For scratches, screens are all super tough. Keep it away from diamonds and you'll be fine

    Posted via Passport~!
    10-21-14 12:43 PM
  5. Warlack's Avatar
    Screen protectors keep the screen from scratching. Even Corning gorilla glass can scratch. If you need it? We don't know. Look at your other phone screens to see if they have any scratches. If not, then you will be fine.

    There is no such thing as scratch-proof. Only scratch resitant. Every hard surface will scratch eventually

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 12:53 PM
  6. ubizmo's Avatar
    I've never used a screen protector, and I've never had a problem with scratched screens. But I'm pretty careful about not putting my phone -- any phone -- into pockets or places with other objects.
    10-21-14 01:14 PM
  7. helalzone's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 03:30 PM
  8. yellowroom's Avatar
    The Passport in the box already comes with a plastic film on the screen that's very much functional as a screen protector. I still haven't peeled mine off and it works perfectly fine.

    Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Passport
    10-21-14 08:41 PM

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