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    "Updated" from a Curve to a Q5 due to the Curve's rubber casing deteriorating and falling off, and am quite confused why there's such a backwards step with regard to profiles.

    Does anybody know if this has been addressed at some level by Blackberry? Web searches come up with conflicting information.

    Another question I've got is if there was any thought to adding an I.C.E. function to the lock screen so that emergency personnel could access medicalert type info. (Two lines doesn't give much room for details, and I don't want to have to see my I.C.E. info all the time if using it as a wallpaper.)

    Last question for the day...I'm curious on how they came up with the keyboard design, because on the Q5 there is a dedicated button for "$". Really? Couldn't this button be something useful, like a screen lock, or switch to silent mode (like holding "Q" on the Curve")?
    08-14-14 03:17 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Try this link, and in particular note their twitter, they are pretty responsive via twitter I have heard....

    Contact BlackBerry Support - Online Resources - Call BlackBerry - US
    09-11-14 09:58 AM

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