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    Our company uses T-Mobile (UK) and offers staff the choice between a Samsung Galaxy and a BB Q5. We have a real issue with the Q5s when users take them abroad. THEY DON'T ROAM, or at least not most of the time. We have discovered that the only way to get them to connect to a roaming network is to take the SIM card out and re-boot them before replacing the SIM. Yes, we have automatic roaming switched on, and very occasionally it does work but mostly it doesn't. This procedure has to be repeated every time the user moves around (ie from one transmitter to another). Has anyone else reported this issue? Our Samsung's have no such problem, it really seems to be a Q5 issue. If a user tries to manually connect to a network they get the message that the SIM card is not provisioned. All T-Mobile can tell us is "It should work". Is there some setting we have missed on the Q5?
    08-18-14 08:08 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    My first thought would be something in the APN setting. And or the mobile network protocols.
    09-16-14 09:35 AM

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