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    The work issued Curve's rubber buttons deteriorated and fell off, so I'm now stuck with a Q5 for the next three years.

    One thing I desperately miss is the ability to customize profiles - for example, in the holster, it would vibrate, out of the holster it wouldn't, and in a quiet profile the only phone call that would come through would be the wife...all other calls would be silent!

    But this question is for a different "feature". On the old one, I could fumble in the dark when waking up and start hitting the keys, which would start the password unlock. Now, I've got to swipe or wake the phone up before it accepts the password input.

    Is there a way around this, or must you swipe / hit the power button to wake it up?

    (Per work policy, disabling the password isn't an option.)

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    07-23-14 08:42 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    yes this is the only way to wake it up that I know of natively.
    Maybe there is a third party app that works differently??
    07-24-14 05:56 PM

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