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    After the latest update, Fasi input is missing few letter, so contacted support via Twitter and did what I was told with no luck, did the phone call and got the run around from BlackBerry to my cell provider (PublicMobile) BlackBerry customer support tells me PM need to get involved so we can have access to your device and PM tells me they got nothing to do with it and BlackBerry does that so PM would pay for the service, OK call BlackBerry back and ask for help again and repeated the story again, then I was told yeah sure but there is a fee of $49 or 50 to start looking into it. Ok, I'm just one example of many I found by searching (BlackBerry 10.3. Farsi) this didn't start with the latest update for some people but for me it did. So any help would be really appreciated and so far I've wiped the phone 5 times, 2 times with link, and 3 times by security wipe. I've read the manual from cover to cover and can't find a solution to this. I heard of OTA but can't find one for Q5.

    08-19-15 09:34 AM
  2. epg's Avatar
    What letters are you missing? I don't have a Q5, I have a Passport, but they may be there, just hidden underneath some other letters.
    08-19-15 09:40 AM
  3. CivilianBB's Avatar
    Letters like گ, چ, پ, they were there as a secondary letter, which you can get by holding down the key and It'll give you options on the screen to what letter you want to select, or by clicking shift then the letter key.
    Do you have these letters or missing too?
    08-29-15 01:40 PM

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