1. Christopher Rekwot1's Avatar
    I have a Q10 and I discovered I can't really see through my phone during daylight I hardly see anything on my screen because the screen brightness is so poor even when I increase the brightness to 100% except am inside my house before I can clearly see, please does anyone know the solution to this problem?

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-16 07:00 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    is there an auto brightness choice?
    07-11-16 07:21 AM
  3. Christopher Rekwot1's Avatar
    No, there is no auto brightness option

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-16 07:23 AM
  4. Christopher Rekwot1's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-16 07:44 AM

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