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    As I accept the reality that I am about to embrace the android KEYone soon, my Q10 suddenly seeks attention. Last night, I encountered the usual 'lag' in my lock screen --- wherein when I swiped up the screen to unlock, it stops half way and when I press the lock button to swipe up again, still the same response --- and my usual remedy is to pull out the battery to force it to switch off and do a reboot. And so I did.

    When I tried to turn it on, it was already unresponsive. None whatsoever. Tried all the tricks I could find online -- including the 4 hour long process of plugging the phone to the wall then remove batt after 2 hrs and wait for 15 mins and 2 hours of waiting again and so on. When I plug the phone to the wall, no battery, the LED flicks an orange light for a bit. There were also occasions when it lights very quick as I plug the USB charger. And that's just it.

    BB Link cannot detect the phone either.

    Is there still a remedy for this? Or my years-old (bought right after launch) Q10 is simply getting into limp mode now?
    03-15-17 11:12 PM
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    Please don't continue to abruptly pull the battery while the Q10 is on! That will certainly corrupt things! If you want to do a hard reset, use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons until the phone restarts.

    Now, for your unresponsive Q10... keep the battery out of the phone for a full day so that any charge left is gone. Do not be tempted to keep trying the battery to see if it'll suddenly work in less than 24 hours without the battery. After a full day, put the battery back in and if there's charge, the Q10 will hopefully boot. Put it on the charger to allow the battery to charge to full. Hopefully your Q10 is back to normal. If not, hopefully it is at least charging like normal. Do the hard reset to see if that will help. If it is having a problem charging, then you might need to "stack charge" it. Look that up. It's basically charging for a bit, disconnecting the charger, charging for a bit, disconnecting the charger, etc. until the Q10 boots. This is a very slow process, so hopefully just leaving the battery out for a full day will fix things.

    Good luck!
    03-16-17 04:28 AM

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