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    I want "ru" to change to "are you" and when at the beginning of a sentence, "Ru" to change to "Are you".

    My old Torch did this no problem, however, this phone is doing strange things with the capitalization. When I check marked "use this capitalization always", even at the beginning of a sentence "Ru" became "are you" (which makes sense, as "are you" was the way I entered the shortcut). But when I left it un-checked, "Ru" would become "Are You" at the beginning of the sentence. I'm not really having any issues when I type the shortcut in the middle of a sentence, just at the beginning.

    I tried to make this as least confusing as possible, so hopefully it makes sense. Does anyone know how to fix this? It must be an issue with BB10 as my Torch did not have this problem whatsoever.


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    11-30-14 05:38 PM

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