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    Hi. Got a BB Q10 for half a year now, it was running on OS 10.2 and things were just great. For some reason, over a week ago it started to randomly turn itself off. The battery level suddenly went from full (or 40%, or 75% or any other level of charge) down to 0 and the phone would switch off. When restarted, it would either keep working for a random amount of time, or switch off at an instant. I decided to change the battery - same thing kept on happening. I read somewhere it might be an OS issue, so I've upgraded to OS 10.3, same thing !!! Could anyone help me? IS there anything I can do or should I just get rid of this vicious monster and swap it for something else>? I've always loved BB, so this is a huge disappointment. Please let me know what to do!
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    11-21-14 02:44 PM
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    Let's see. You replaced the battery and the issue persisted so that is not the issue. You updated the OS and still the issue persisted so that is not the issue. That leaves 2 things. Lose battery, faulting internal hardware. You can try the paper in the battery housing compartment to make tighter fit trick, after that if it still fails then you need to replace the unit.

    And you almost had a perfect record with trouble shooting the issue.

    Actually, did you happen to install any software around the time the shutdowns started?
    11-21-14 04:33 PM
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    This is known 10.2 issue.

    Basically you have two options: go and replace device under warranty or try some 10.3 or 10.3.1.

    My fifth Q10 turns of with exactly 11% of battery left and somehow get used to it. All four Qs before had same issue across all 10.1 and 10.2 versions.

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    11-21-14 04:38 PM

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