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    I have read through some related thread but to no avail haven't found a fast,safe and cheapest method to fix my problem with my Q10's jack.

    I recently bought a new pair of headphone as I frequently have my headphone broken, but the problem is after a day of using it broke again. I thought the headphone (3.5 mm, as specified) is broken, but when I tried it on my sister's phone it sounded perfectly, I also tried inserting it on my lappy and same thing.

    Given that the problem lies on the jack, I tried to confirm the problem, so at first I inserted (the full length, heard the "click" sound) the headphone on my Q10, then one bud sounds off, then after a few minutes both the buds wont work then I am hearing this small buzz/static-like sound so I thought that there's a chance. when I inserted the headphone again, I tried playing it but still failed to revive it, let alone,it would play on handset mode.

    Hope someone would help me out, I really wouldn't like to send it to repair, as I am using my phone almost every time. Thank you.

    Posted via CB10
    11-02-14 10:08 PM
  2. anon1091977's Avatar
    It sounds like the metal contacts on your headphones aren't lining up with the contacts inside the headphone port. What brand headphones are they? Do any other headphones present the same problem with your Q10?
    11-05-14 09:47 PM

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