1. Anaik17's Avatar
    I'm at a loss here. I went through about 8 pairs of earphones in the last 18 months!!

    Luckily I purchased the Future Shop insurance and I was able to get a replacement in store (but still lost ~ 90 minutes each time). Today was the last time though.

    First 2 pairs were Puma (lasted 8 weeks tops) and remainder were Marleys Uplift which I absolutely love - great sound (for me), mic, vol. ctrl, fwd & repeat work well.
    Still, the longest I managed to go without replacement was 5 months. Could it be the device? Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I'm clueless.

    I noticed that being winter, certain clothes and floors don't fare well and I get static which causes the song to start over. Is it possible that this is frying my earbuds?
    Any ideas for prolonging their life??

    If nothing else, at least please share how long you got out of yours, brand & approximate price paid.
    12-10-14 09:39 PM
  2. willm's Avatar
    I use Logitech Ultimate Ears 600 which run $50-70 USD. I've used them for almost a year, but not daily wear. Their isolation and sound quality are amazing. I also often use them with a Jabra Clipper Bluetooth clip So I'm not pulling on a cord or worrying about electrostatic discharge.

    Crack-a-lackin' since '08
    12-10-14 10:27 PM
  3. Anaik17's Avatar
    Thank you, Willm!
    I'll look into those products next, hopefully they'll eliminate my woes.
    Merry Xmas! or whatever you celebrate!
    12-12-14 11:02 AM

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