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    I configured my Q10 to connect to my Email server via IMAP. I had the delete settings under Display & Actions set to "delete from handheld and server". I assumed that deleting from the Q10 would also delete from the server. After running it this way since I got the Q10 years ago, I just discovered that most of the Emails are still sitting on the server.

    I manually deleted all the Emails and changed the Q10 to use POP3, thinking it might work like Outlook and remove the Email from the server after it is downloaded to the Q10. It does not. The messages remained on the server.

    What I have found is that if the Display & Actions is set to "detele from handheld and server" and you delete a single message from the Hub, it will be deleted on the server. BUT, if you do a bulk delete from the Hub, the messages are not deleted from the server. I am a heavy Email user and typically I may have 100 - 200 Email on the Hub and delete them all at once after scanning through them and reading those that are important (much is spam or copies of an Email that I can just ignore). But these bulk deletes I have been doing, is causing those 100 - 200 messages at a time to remain on the server. And in time this become thousand of undeleted Emails.

    Prior to the Q10, I was using an old Blackberry 8700 and a bulk delete on that device would remove everything on the server or the messages were just being deleted on the server when accepted by the 8700.

    How can I configure my Q10 / server in some way so that bulk deleting from the Q10 Hub will remove messages from the server, or set up my Q10 and server so it runs like Outlook and deletes the message on the server when the Q10 has accepted a copy of it.
    08-19-16 03:22 PM
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    This question was posted by me. I forgot to login first so it was posted under the name Guest.
    08-19-16 03:26 PM

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