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    I had a Q10 running 10.2. I destroyed the screen. Black nothingness that was irreplaceable due to the damage depth. This particular Q10 had bad products from the beginning (I've been through 2 speakers and this was the third screen) so I just gave up and ordered a new Q10.

    The new Q10 arrived with 10.2 but 10.3 ready to update. I backed up my original Q10 that was running 10.2. I then attached my new Q10 that showed 10.2 at the time. Not everything uploaded. I went through two separate uploads and two device switches. Finally, I was able to get my contacts (although duplicated) among other things but there was two main things I was unable to get uploaded no matter how hard I tried; Messages and Password Keeper.

    I called Blackberry Support. After three calls, over seven hours and two different reps - I was told that 10.2 was not compatible with 10.3 and that the data was not able to be transferred. Basically, I was out of luck. I spent the rest of the night troubleshooting forums and searches myself with no luck. I called BB again and they opened another ticket and said they would call me back after trouble shooting on their own.

    I pulled out every old BB I owned, none of which were compatible to download (downgrade) from a Q10 onto so no go.

    Next night - another call - another rep - another three hours - no resolution. I resorted to possibly ordering another Q10 or Z10 running 10.2 that I could upload my backup onto so I could at least VIEW my stuff.... I still can't believe I am going to have to spend at least another hundred on a used POS over a site like EBAY just to view my info on a BB app that was not compatible on BB software because of an BB upgrade on their own BB os!

    Oh - another tidbit - when I go into the actual backup log (not the switch log) and do a upload on only the Applications - it runs and when complete it resets the device to 10.2 again, with no messages and no Password Keeper, and puts 10.3 as a pending update again....

    So here I am, I have a call scheduled at three today with another BB rep for more troubleshooting but I just got off the phone with BB again trying to see if this was a Q10 issue only or if it was a 10.2 os issue that applied to Z10's also - I was informed it was a 10.2 os issue and they "might" have a fix in "hopefully" a month and could send me a link then.....

    Does anyone here have any ideas? Help! I'm getting pretty desperate. No, that's a lie - I AM desperate. HELP.
    05-01-15 10:03 AM

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