1. chrisjsandlin's Avatar
    I have searched but cant seem to come up with any thing so I figured I would ask. I am using a Q 10 on att. The issue is that at work the building I am located in I get no mobile services. (cant make calls and get text or email) At work we do have a wifi net work that I log on to and can surf the web. I have noticed though that when I am on the wifi I can not log on to I grann app as well as do not get, and can not send emails. The two emails that I have is a Gmail and Microsoft exchange (work). I should be able to send emails while only on wifi right or am I just crazy.
    07-30-14 09:07 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    yes but i believe your data has to be also on,
    07-30-14 09:12 PM

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