1. schumi_xtreme01's Avatar
    Im planning to purchase a passport SE locally
    (Pre Owned). I know this might be stupid but Im currently on a classic and Q10 two years ago. Can u give me some things to check when buying a preloved passport SE aside from BlackBerry id because I know what to do on that one. And is there a way that I can check when and where did the phone manufactured ala Nokia during the old days
    (both on device and on website u can verify almost everything about ur fone as long as u know tha imei number)

    A comment and suggestion will be appreciated im just being careful this time because I might hold the pp se for a very long time as this is the last hurray of bbos device which I love so much..

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    04-05-16 09:12 PM
  2. Al moon's Avatar
    uh make sure bb protect is off also maybe run bb virtual expert
    04-05-16 10:56 PM
  3. DJBS4LIFE's Avatar
    uh make sure bb protect is off also maybe run bb virtual expert
    Yep, that's a must.

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    04-05-16 11:05 PM

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