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    With no access to windows machine I am trying to make ps patcher 1.6 work in linux LXLE OS 16.04.2. PS patcher works well in wine, however with one error: nothing to patch! I tried with PlayOnLinux and with different versions of wine. No matter what version I use - same problem: nothing to patch. PS Patcher 1.4 was able to find only android manifest, but it doesn't solve problem. I know these apks require patching because of googleplay service error on z30. I tried with pl.gadugadu.apk, com.skype.raider.apk and com.cpw.apk. All apks downloaded from Cobalt's playstore, Cobalt's playstore, google services are working correctly. Has anyone managed to make it work in wine? I will appreciate any ideas. Here's an example of log:
    Processing Z:\home\adam\Downloads\apk\pl.gadugadu.apk
    The package contains 1 classes.dex file
    [Decompiling classes]
    I: Using Apktool 2.2.1 on pl.gadugadu.apk
    I: Copying raw resources...
    I: Baksmaling classes.dex...
    I: Copying assets and libs...
    I: Copying unknown files...
    I: Copying original files...
    Decompiled 7.8 MB in 7.55 seconds
    [Analyzing Package]
    No matching pattern to identify Google Play services file
    No matching pattern to identify Google Ads file
    [Analysis completed]
    Nothing to patch.
    [Cleaning up]

    Same problem with apktool 2.2.2.
    05-22-17 05:22 PM

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