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    Please help me.

    I have been frustrated with the performance of Netflix and Hulu over HDMI to my home theater system. Videos play fine in the phone apps when the phone is NOT connected to my home theater system over HDMI, but once the HDMI cable is connected. there is stuttering, drop-outs, and the audio/video get out of sync. I want to be able to use my phone to watch videos from these apps on my home theater system, and I do not have a home internet service. I want to be able watch videos without cutting into my tethering allowance. Netflix performance has improved since upgrading my BB OS to 10.2.1, and is tolerable to watch with minor crackling/popping sounds and minimal stuttering, but Hulu is completely unwatchable this way. Also, I have been unable to watch any videos from TV network websites over HDMI connection - the performance with these is even worse than Hulu app.

    Blackberry Z10 STL100-3
    OS Version
    T-Mobile Unlimited plan (with limited tethering allowance)
    Strong 4G LTE signal
    Cable Matters High Speed Micro HDMI Cable in Black with Ethernet 15 ft - 3D and 4K Resolution Ready,
    Connected to Samsung Home Theater HT-C6600

    Thank you!

    06-30-14 06:46 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    I have noticed the same issues on occasion and other have reported them too. I dont think there is a fix but since these are android apps some compatibility issues are certainly not worked out completely. Hopefully the newer android player will fix them
    06-30-14 08:39 PM

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