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    Hey, folks! Need some help, if you will.
    I have a Passport, with the latest version of the BB10 OS installed. Due to WhatsApp discontinuing support for BB10 devices, I figured I'd better get used to the Android version, so I got it through Snap. It was working perfectly until a few weeks ago, around the time the update with the end to end criptography came out. Since then, I'm having problems sendind pictures. I can receive them, but cannot send. Already tried reinstalling, no deal. The pics are already in my SD card, so I tried to send a pic from the phone memory, no luck again. Lastly, I tried sending different pics and of all 20 pics I tried to send, only one went through. Looking in the pics properties, there's no difference in them besides the name of the pic and the size, all of them were jpg and were stored in the SD card, including the one I actually succeded sending. Any ideas? Thnx

    Posted via CB10
    04-14-16 12:30 AM
  2. sinfocomar's Avatar
    Are your device's files encrypted?
    05-09-16 12:23 PM

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