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    I recently bought the Lorex security system from Costco. Installed the android Flir cloud app. The app is running, and I can connect to my DVR via LAN by using IP addr. However it won't connect if I using cell network with the device ID to remote viewing . Any suggestions? Thanks

    Running OS 10.3 on Z10 and Z30

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    11-04-15 09:35 PM
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    Is the lorex app for BlackBerry or for Android? Also, if you are connecting from outside your LAN you will need to configure a ddns in the Lorex site for you to access your cameras (dvr) from the Cloud

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    11-05-15 01:38 AM
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    I'm using the android app, since there isn't one for BB10. It won't work with device ID nor DDNS. The Lorex tech support used a android phone to log in and it works, so setting for router and DVR should be fine. It looks like they're some settings on the BlackBerry that preventing it from working.

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    11-05-15 12:12 PM
  4. lou2969's Avatar
    I had. The same problem with q-see kit
    And I found that I have to port forward the router port...dedicated to the surveillance dvr
    Try port forwarding. ,and try it you can see the cameras out of your network

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    11-07-15 09:34 PM

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