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    This is the OS my bbz10 is running on, but the problem is when my power runs down like upto 20% it automatically shuts down, it's missing the story creator too, when I try creating a story from my pictures, I get a response story card not opened as shown on the other attachment. What could be the problem? Could this be a Dev OS that is not yet complete?
    Problem with my OS 10.3.700 on BBZ10..STL 100-1-img_20141112_152241.png
    Problem with my OS 10.3.700 on BBZ10..STL 100-1-img_20141112_152632.png

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    11-12-14 06:29 AM
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    You are darn right. That OS you are running is a DEV OS and I remember correctly story maker does not work on it as well as some other things.
    As for the phone switching off before hitting 0%, it is a common thing with the z10stl100-1 models. When it switches off like that, remove the battery for an hour. Put it back and charge till it is full.
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    11-12-14 06:38 AM

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