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    I've developed a small game by using unity3d tool. Then i've created .bar file and its successfully done. For testing i've used sideloading tool to install the bar file to the device. But i'm not able done it. I'm getting error which is below

    Log details:
    Trying to reach
    - Success
    Drag and drop event:
    - RunBB.bar
    Adding app to install queue: RunBB.bar
    Removing login cookie
    Installing apps
    - Installing RunBB.bar
    - (Debug) Initialized http client
    - (Debug) Attempting to authorize with password
    - (Debug) Logging in
    - (Debug) Parsing response
    - (Debug) Reading status
    - (Debug) Status: Challenge
    - (Debug) Login V2
    - (Debug) Response: Success
    - (Response) Info: Action: Install
    - Error: Package is not valid
    - (Response) Error: Device is unreachable. Check you network connection.
    Installing apps done
    Successfull: 0 | Failed: 1
    Trying to reach
    - Success

    Can i get any suggestion/solution what exactly the problem? or any better way to install the app for testing on the device
    06-19-14 06:46 AM
  2. yessuz's Avatar
    have you tried to sideload with Sachesi?
    06-19-14 06:55 AM
  3. rthonpm's Avatar
    Try doing the install by USB instead of over wifi if you can. This will at least rule out network issues.
    06-19-14 01:58 PM
  4. hai kandee's Avatar
    Its succeed!!. I've tried by USB connection and i build & run directly from unity3d. Its working.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    06-20-14 04:52 AM

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