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    My blackberry has started doing some very strange things to contacts.

    1) If I add a contact manually it won't appear in my contacts list until I restart the phone.
    2) It is linking random contacts like Alex Gibbs and Debbie Beal they combine to become Alex Gibbs Beal and all there data has merged. There are no matching or even similar fields to justify an automatic contact link.
    3) If i try to unlink the merged accounts they won't. It says the contacts are unlinked and after saving the changes when i go back into the contact the link is back there. So at the moment its impossible to unlink the contacts.
    4) I can't delete any contacts, it says contact deleted but nothing changes and the contact is still appearing.

    Basically the contacts are a mess and I have no idea what to do?

    I have 1600 contacts in my phone and it's going to be a pain in the backside to manually edit all of them. Also I'll have to figure out which number belongs to which contact as now in my google contacts that the phone syncs to all the contacts have been updated with the wrong linked data. Its very frustrating as there seems no logic to it at all.

    It seems more and more contacts are linking so first of all how do I turn off automatic linking? And does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on and how to fix it.

    I'm running software release:


    09-19-14 04:23 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Oh my. That is beyond bizarre, but hardly surprising. The contact app is terrible in BB10.
    I wish I could tell you a solution
    09-30-14 03:01 PM
  3. si001's Avatar
    I gave up on the contact app with the links and all. I now sync my outlook.com contacts.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    09-30-14 03:24 PM

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