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    My family has two Blackberry Motion (US version) devices. One with the latest OS update and the other with the prior OS version.

    On both devices we cannot connect to a hidden SSID WiFi source. If the WiFi source is changed to broadcast the SSID, then the signal is seen and connection can be made and is stable.

    This problem appears with both Motion devices and I have used several different WiFi transceivers and with different SSIDs.

    I used to be able to connect to hidden SSIDs without any problems (lets say a year ago), but do not know how long ago this problem first started appearing.

    I THINK that the network information data grouping may have changed such that now creating a new network on the Blackberry will prevent it from seeing a new hidden SSID network, but may see a hidden network if the network was originally saved on the Motion sometime over a year ago.

    08-26-18 05:14 PM

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