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    I have a shop on Etsy and use FB and IG regularly to help promote my business.
    Yesterday I noticed that my Priv didn't give me the option of sharing photos from the previous day, just from yesterday.
    It was the same when I tried to find a photo to send via WhatsApp and also to add a new photo to my shop.

    All my media is still in my photos folder though, they've not gone.

    If I go onto a photo and then share it works, I just can't find them the other way around.

    I've turned my phone off and on by holding down the power button.

    If I go to my settings and storage then click on photos to see what's there then it's only showing yesterdays.

    I'm not tech savvy by the way!

    Any help would be great. When I Googled nothing similar was coming up.
    06-06-17 01:18 AM

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