1. nvrendfortcooki's Avatar

    I have a Blackberry Priv, and it just suddenly crashed completely, requiring a factory reset. After the reset, I have tried to download an APK file to install applications and I get an error saying that there is no app to do this... What does this mean? How can I install apps if there is no app to install them in the first place? I am not very good with technology and I am not sure how to get this working again. I am not able to access Google accounts or the Google App Store as I live in China mainland.

    Thank you in advanced for your assistance.
    10-30-19 12:36 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Thank you in advanced for your assistance.
    Sounds like whatever file you're downloading isn't an APK or isn't being saved as an APK. Check the file extension and ensure it's actually an APK.
    10-30-19 12:48 PM

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