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    I was wondering what kind of security difference these two devices have. Is the passport more secure or opposite and why?

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    10-22-16 03:11 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Depends on what your security needs are as everyone has different opinions of what secure is. Will you be using a BES or are strictly a consumer and have no intent on using a BES ever? Are you weary of online services such as Facebook, Google, or do you really not care about those and are you more concerned with malware/viruses? etc. It's a great question but until you round it out more, you're going to get a bunch of fluff answers there are strictly based on user opinion of the OS's contained on each device from those using each and little more.

    If you just want to play the BlackBerry tit for tat - BlackBerry themselves often state offhand that they believe BB10 is more secure and that while their secure Android is as good as it can be for now and ahead of others in the market, they're working to make it as secure as BB10.
    10-22-16 03:40 AM
  3. mad_orsi's Avatar
    Thanks for u response. I was wondering to switch to the priv but I dont think that android is well built against malwares or viruses. Im not into apps exept browsing and yes I use google for information and everything else, but sometimes when u want something to get it done with the passport u just cant. And when I say something is like uploading a video on youtube or getting the same restrictions warning saying for example that this site cannot be viewed on ur browser etc. There are some litlle thing that u need to do it in the right moment and u just cant. In the other hand is the security which they claim that it is the same even in the priv. So far so hard to make a decision.

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    10-24-16 01:31 AM

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