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    Using a PRIV, Android 6.0.1.
    This morning, it had an update to install. The second update in the past few days. After installing and rebooting, every color looks very saturated! Woah, my eyes!

    I went into Settings > Display > Color Adjust, and tried messing with the two sliders. White balance behaves as expected, but the Saturation slider does not. With the white balance slider, the screen actively changes the white balance as I slide. With the saturation slider, there's never a change. The saturation is (if I had to guess) at maximum.

    I searched this forum, and checked if there was any knowledge base at Blackberry.com, but no luck.

    I'm not sure if reinstalling something or reverting something might be an option? Dunno. What do you think?
    05-26-17 07:32 PM

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