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    PRIV STV100-4
    Android 6.0.1, Oct 5 2017 security patch

    Hey all. The phone is receiving emails - I can see that from the notifications. However, Hub doesn't update to display any new emails.

    Other message types seem to work, like BBM and Whatsapp. Tapping a single-email notification opens the email as it should. Tapping a multiple-email notification goes to the Hub as it should, but the newly-received emails are not there.

    Troubleshooting so far:
    * Manually refreshing the Hub
    * Force Stop of the app and restart app
    * Reboot device
    * Disable app (which triggers a downgrade) and reenable (which triggers an upgrade to the current version)
    In the disable/reenable scenario, upon completion of the upgrade installation from Google Play, current messages were displayed in the Hub, but no new messages from that point were displayed. So it didn't really solve the problem, but shifted the time index at which the problem occurs.
    * Removed my work account (didn't touch my personal accounts) and re-added. As a result of doing this, I've now got zero work emails, zero work calendar entries (the work account doesn't even show up in the list of calendar accounts), and zero work contacts. I can't do a contact lookup when addressing a new work email, and while I can compose a work email, sending always fails. (Sorry, can't remember the error text.)
    * Cleared the Hub app cache (haven't yet cleared the whole data store)
    * Attempted to re-remove my work account from the Hub, but now it won't go away (re-forced stop of app, no good)
    * Re-rebooted - no good - work account is still in Hub
    * Wiped app data
    * Disabled/downgraded to - no good - work account is still in Hub (as is everything else, despite the warning you get when wiping the app data)

    Sigh... I really hope there's something between this and wiping my device.
    05-17-18 05:41 PM

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